Planning a Move

Properly planning a move is a major undertaking. The more you do before hand, the less work you will have to do at the last minute. We also recommend that you try to keep business and other important commitments to a minimum during the move and resettlement periods.

Families frequently underestimate the time and details involved in relocating. While your moving company can do many things for you, there is a variety of matters you must handle personally. Since relocation is a very important step in your family’s life, we suggest that you reserve some free time before and after your move to give it the attention necessary to make moving easier for everyone.

Many decisions about your move require your personal attention, especially in the early going. So, to avoid problems later on, start planning your move at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance. Meet with your mover right away to discuss the particulars of your move. A well informed customer can avoid many of the most publicized moving problems. So don’t let moving day dawn without being totally aware of all details of your move.