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About Packing

Packing is an art and United Sons’ packing procedures have advanced it to a near science. A safe move depends on high quality packing, our packing crew and supervisors have proven records of training and experience in the latest packing techniques. They use the finest packing materials available, and are experts at protecting valuable and delicate possessions.

In addition to the specialized cartons designed to protect delicate items like chinaware, paintings, appliances, and clothing, United Sons’ packers provide extra protection to your valuable through their custom wrapping techniques developed over years of experience and fine-tuning. The crew supervisor will be happy to discuss the quality of the materials used during the move. Some of the materials we use include several types of protective plastic, cardboard and plywood.

Proper packing by trained packers using specially designed cartons and materials is crucial to a good move. Be present when your goods are packed and picked up or arrange for someone to be there. During packing, an inventory will be made of your household goods being shipped. Make sure that all copies of the inventory are legible and that all items are numbered, listed, and described correctly.

Memories, like a Monet painting, are priceless, they can’t be replaced and the care we give while packing exemplifies the care we give to everything in a local or an international relocation from A to Z.

Packing tips

You may save some money by doing part of the packing your self, but on some items, the possible saving in self-packing doesn’t make up for the risk you take when pack them, or in their being broken in transit because of improper packing. United Sons has special techniques for safe and secure packing of your prized possessions.


However, if you decide to do your own packing, here are some guidelines that will help you:


  • Defrost, clean, dry and deodorize all appliances.

  • Secure moveable parts on appliances and stereos with tape or blocks.

  • Keep all hardware from disassembled items together. Have tools handy for reassembly.

  • Drain gasoline or other fuels from all equipment.

  • Label cartons with basic contents and designated room.

  • Be sure boxed items are well padded and fit snugly.

Packing tips
About packing
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